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2013-Oct-17 - Low-calorie retort curry

The retort curry has much that cheap one is low-calorie and is low protein. Let's inflect for a diet cure and diet well. I straighten br /, and let's be careful about salt. Because, as well as high blood pressure, swelling becomes easy to come out. When I consume it and drink water, I gain a lot of salt. I am alone and cannot eat when I say whether br / why I am low-calorie retort curry before the one even if I make curry with a large pan a lot when there is it to a protein limit, sodium restriction for a caloric restriction. It is that I am alone and am eaten in two or three days even if br / I make health for ten dishes.
Low-calorie retort curry
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2008-Oct-15 - Write Test

This entry is write test.
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